What are the benefits of soft water?
The simple answer is that soft water saves you money. There are also other benefits associated with soft water.

Appliances - Limescale deposits build up on immersion heaters, in kettles, washing machines, irons, dishwashers and inside pipes and hot water cylinders. Not only will a water softener start to remove the limescale that is in your pipes and on your heating elements, but it will also prevent any further deposits in the future. Because elements that are already 'furred' up have to heat the limescale before they can heat the water, a scale free system will use less energy, saving on heating bills by as much as 70%. Just 3mm of scale increases your hot water bills by over 25%.

Your appliances will also enjoy a longer life expectancy once an automatic water softener is installed.

Shampoos - Hard water soaks up shampoos and bubble bath. Soft water also has a 'silky' feel to it and helps considerably those people who may suffer from dry skin. A bath stays clean with soft water and showerheads flow better as there is no scale blocking the outlet holes.

Detergents - With soft water in your home, you will need less soap powder in your washing machine and less detergent in your dishwasher. You also won't have to add separate salt to your dishwasher's water softening unit.

Cleaning - Because soft water leaves fewer residues than hard water, you'll need less of your cleaning product and it will take you less time and effort. An American study found that softened water cut the average time required for cleaning baths, sinks, taps, shower screens etc by nearly 40% as against a hard water home. Soft water also means it is easier to keep toilets clean and any crockery from a dishwasher dries both spot and stain free.

Cooking and drinking - People cooking with soft water claim that it enhances the taste and colour of food.